Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Seattle Barista Killer

My newest Mystery from Mundania Press, will be released in the next few days so you can order it hot off the presses. It features, Harley Wolf, a vegan werewolf detective, who hunts down the killer of three espresso baristas...three of the revered hundreds of young women who create and serve Seattle residents their daily espressos.

Why do werewolves always have to be the bad guys? Like the wolves they are related to, werewolves have a bad rep based on human myths and our fears of the untamed night. I created a new mythology where werewolves do not ravage and pillage, but actually turn into wolves during the full moon change. The Northwest, with its mountains and wild forests that stretch north to Alaska, is home to a large but dwindling population of werewolves. Seattle is to werewolves what New Orleans is to vampires. Why else would we have so many Bigfoot sightings, and a Native American culture rich in stories of of animal gods and transformation?

More next blog...