Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Do not feed the werewolf...meat...he's a vegan.

His name is Harley Wolf, and he’s a werewolf detective. Might as well tell you right off. He’s also a vegan. Go ahead, laugh. Make your jokes. Like, what does he do, “stalk the wild asparagus?” Or: “Vegan? Isn’t that the old Indian word meaning, bad hunter?” Yeah, he’s heard them all. Lucky for you he is a vegan, because when the full moon kisses the sky, you might not think werewolves are funny any more. Especially if you’ve been killing baristas in Seattle. Harley loves his espresso and reveres the baristas who have mastered the dark arts of the coffee bean. Of course, if you like espresso too, or werewolves, or baristas, or Mysteries, you can go along for the ride as he fires up his Night Rod Harley-Davidson motorcycle, hot on the trail of the killer. Be careful though, Harley is in no mood for bad jokes when there is a real monster on the loose. Think about it! An angry werewolf high on a quad shot of espresso is not something anyone wants to meet late at night in an alley.

Or be brave and read "The Seattle Barista Killer" by the light of a full moon. Give it a howl...


Monday, August 13, 2007

"The Seattle Barista Killer" hot off the presses...Murdoch

My new Mystery series with Harley Wolf, a vegan werewolf detective, has been released by Mundania Press, http://www.mundania.com/ . I just returned home to Seattle from a promotional tour in Michigan. The booksigning/reading I did at the St. Louis, Michigan public library was fantastic. The entire library was howling with me...ar-ar-arrrooooooo. Everyone got into the werewolf spirit. No shushing from the librarians either, because they were howling with us. What a fantastic place.

You can howl along with Harley Wolf when you read the book available from the publisher at http://www.mundania.com/ . It's also available at http://www.amazon.com/ (just search: author/Murdoch Hughes) or you can order it at your favorite local bookstore if it's not on their shelves. It's best for me if you buy directly from my publisher, cutting out the middlemen who take a big slice from the author's royalties. Also, it's nice to support independent publishers and local independent bookstores. The main thing though, is that you get to read the book, so if you can't afford to buy one, check it out from your local library. I know you're probably not rich either.

You can also buy and read my books in ebook format, where you download them direct to your computer, including notebooks, laptops, PDA's, dedicated readers, and maybe even your cell phone. Downloadable ebooks are less expensive and you don't have to leave your cubicle, or get up from poolside on your vacation. What a fantastic world we live in!!!

More later...